Sorrow: E.

Sorrow isn’t dark. It’s enlightening..filled with this divine wisdom. Only in a frequency we cannot perceive. It’s in the lost sorrow..the core of it, the darkest corner that You find your most treasured. That piled wealth. Or not piled just a suspended moment. The moment that extricates You from the worse tangles. And You feel the seething pain and realize how the ache draws a curve out of your lower lip. The suspended nervous energy, unhinged and wild with ecstasy. Lush with euphoria, that frenzied fervor.
In the vocal range there are two ‘E’. First one, a higher and the other, lower and gruff. Higher one beams of exhilaration. Joyous piping shrill note! Piercing, exciting but cacophonous. Blatantly screechy.
Sorrow..the lower E. Lower baritone. Plays in the bass. Flat, goes sometimes unnoticed. But soothing..calming. Its reassuring presence is obscurely buried deep inside. But it stands by your side. It never takes the lead but suspends its color mildly and quietly inside. It paints the music of your life with the artistic in-notes. Rising and dropping and eluding You. Its always there but you never quite catch it. And in moments of despair it plays…it plays the harmonics that stir your soul and shake your insides. And you sense that sorrow is an experience. A character of its own accord, without which Your life is flavorless.


Oil paint. Abstract.

What is IT about?

It is about going the unconventional way. It’s about not taking the set path.

It is about not being addicted to a salary at the end of the month. No the preparation might not be of a traditional earning member of the household but who said You have to go the traditional way?  Yes.. you are right! No one!

It’s not about earning in 6-7 figures, it’s about saving in them.

It’s about having sleepless nights. It’s about having a reason to remain awake. Remain awake with excitement and anxiety and not worry.

It’s about being responsible and not accountable. It’s about working hard and working smart.

It’s about missing a few events, it’s also about celebrating every single small thing.

It’s about solving more and complaining less. It’s about living it out to the fullest.

It’s also about missing a few showers and lacking in hygiene, making up in passion , the rage to live out a dream.

It’s about having a dream. Multiplying it. Spreading it. Affixing it with achievements. It’s about having goals, milestones, conquests, about climbing stairs and falling down. It’s about learning to walk again and about refining the walk along the way.

It’s about twisting the life around You, your own way.

What I aspire to be is about a lot of things.
A Lottle! Like a little, just a lot.

To me.

It’ll be soon over they said.
They lied.
Its the last that you have to work for.
They lied.

Its just around the corner, they said.
They lied. They lied. They lied.
They lied. And I hate lies.
But who am I? And what am I?
So it didn’t matter that they lied.
I had to, so I did make my peace with it and went ahead.
I relentlessly worked.
Got rejected.
Leisured my hours and all my loved ones were dejected.
I stood my ground and lost it.
And lost my ground and then found it.

It wasn’t all downhill but I slipped down and trudged up whenever I could and however I could.

But now…

This that you’ll never trust again. This that You wont believe in any smile that is strewn Your way. You’ll mess up every single happiness with tons of doubt. And amidst all laughter You’ll be fighting a battle within. You’ll want to be making good of Your remaining moves on the board. You would be wanting to roll over before You are rolled over. And since, You ain’t a natural on rolling over You’ll roll over the wrong kind.. Or more qppropriately the right kind. In being afraid of being left behind and alone. You’ll ensure that You walk ahead and alone and also cold. You’ll still fight the battles inside and resent every move. Reel back each night about what went wrong. Knowing You wronged.

Stand up today and take charge. Be larger than what is happening inside of You. Trample it with wit and smile. Smile amidst that laughter. You don’t av to laugh just now. You can do with smiles. So smile.
– We’ll see about that laughter later!

Beneath: The sheath.

I open..unfurl ..unravel infront of him.
All of me exposed of vulneraties.
All the pent up wrath come out infront..
Naked and re poised.

He tells me he brings out the worst in me.
Maybe that is me…
The worse..the bad..the ugly.
May be my truth is ugly and obnoxious.
Maybe I put layers over it.
Maybe I wear a cover to life each day.
May be I can’t help but be unclothed infront of him.

I try to save grace.
I go for chivalry.
I fail each time he looks at me with a smile.
I look at him with lost dark eyes.
Waiting to be looked through.
May be I share my pain only with him.

May be those pains leave uglier scars on him than me.
May be I should be covered all the time.

There ain’t no mystery in the coup exposed.

Nine Surefire Tips to Expand Your Mind


This is going as a self-reminder. Each time my fodder changes.. Am coming back to bang my head on the screen. For the brain exercise recommended. Loved it more than should have! Also.. POST.. I was Your 300th..! :-*

Originally posted on Sit Back and Starve:

Life is too short to be content with commonplace ideas and philosophies society bombards us with. What use is being called Homo sapiens, “the thinking man,” if we refrain from using every bit of time we have left to enhance our meditating faculties? So in the interest of the purely rational mind and for the sake of posterity, we have compiled a list of intellectual tasks and mental exercises you can perform to expand your mind:

1. Start reading serious books. — Stephen Hawking didn’t become Stephen Hawking by reading Spider-Man, and Ayn Rand didn’t come up with Objectivism by immersing herself in sleazy romance novels! Chuck out every non-serious, fun, and emotional book or reading material you have in your shelves and start collecting those leather-bound tome-like ones without any pictures. If the font is smaller than size 8, that’s a good sign you’re in the right direction. Burn…

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